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**Sadly we have no burgers in stock at the moment - as a result the meat boxes that usually contain them have been discounted. Apologies for any inconvenience! **

Beefburgers (4 x 140g)

4 x 5oz (140g) Beefburgers


Our burger patties are only subtly seasoned with salt and black pepper, which when combined with an optimised meat/fat ratio allows the natural flavour of the beef to take the lead. Great for a no-fuss Friday night get together or a quick and easy dinner idea.

Beefburgers (4 x 140g)

  • Stored as frozen.

    Free delivery to all OX postcodes on orders over £40. £10 charge on orders under £40 or free to collect from Hollands Farm, Great Milton. Unfortunately we are unable to offer delivery to locations outside Oxfordshire.

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