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Local and sustainably produced beef boxes delivered to your door.

Hollands Farm Beef is a family run venture established to supply our customers with reliably high
quality and sustainably reared grass-fed meat from Hollands Farm in Great Milton, Oxfordshire.

We follow our beef through every step of the process, from the field to your doorstep, to ensure
the highest level of traceability. 

Working closely with Aldens Butchers in Oxford, we are able to reduce food miles whilst supporting traditional methods of butchery. All this means that a first-rate product is delivered to you every time.

Box options for all occasions.

Hollands Farm Beef


In 1793 Isaac Alden founded Aldens Butchers in Oxford. His great-grandson, Leonard, bought Hollands Farm in 1922. Still run by the same family, we have been supplying beef to the business ever since. A dairy herd was established on the farm in 1973 and whilst cows are no longer milked here, every one of our animals is descended from that herd.


Our cattle are reared on what is the opposite to an “intensive” system. They graze on ancient pastures alongside the river Thame for up to 8 months of the year and live in modern, purpose-built barns during the winter. Home-grown hay, grass silage, straw, barley and pulses make up their diet during this period. Whatever the time of year, we believe that providing livestock with our own feed produces the highest quality meat.


The use of artificial fertilisers and chemicals is kept to a minimum on the farm and we work with The River Thame Conservation Trust, Natural England and DEFRA (The Ministry of Agriculture) to protect and enhance the environment at Hollands Farm.


Our herd consists exclusively of Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle. These traditional British breeds are ideally suited to our method of farming.


At Hollands Farm we have been producing the finest quality beef to the highest welfare standards for 98 years. This is now set to continue with the arrival from University this year of Dudley, the 8th generation of Aldens who will become guardian of this special part of Oxfordshire.

Who Are We?
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Together, Hollands Farm and Aldens Butchers run “Field to Fork” visits for our clients to learn exactly what goes on behind the scenes to produce our exceptional beef.


See the farm and Aldens Butchers on Youtube.


Grazing on meadows along the River Thame, our cattle are sustainably reared on high quality grass and home grown silage throughout the year.

Angus and Hereford heritage breeds are perfectly suited to our farming system where welfare is the highest priority.

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Expertly processed by traditional butchery methods at Aldens of Oxford, vacuum-packed to keep our beef in peak condition and exceptionally fresh.

The 28 day dry-aging process helps to maximise tenderness and concentrate the natural flavour of the beef.

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We hand deliver our beef for free to local postcodes on all orders over £40.

For fresh beef, please see our next upcoming delivery date.

For frozen stock, we will deliver between 1-3 business days.

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Our Beef


Whilst we are happy to take the credit for our wonderful product, we want you to know that we perform only a part of what goes into producing such great meat:

Our beef is aged for a minimum of 28 days at Aldens in temperature and humidity-controlled rooms.  It is then processed by Aldens’ Master Butchers into the individual joints you will see in our boxes.


Everything is then vacuum-packed in order to keep the meat in peak condition and exceptionally fresh.


​The final stage is down to you, the chef!  With the correct cooking every part of your box can be equally tender, juicy and flavoursome.

We believe that consumers deserve to know exactly what goes in to producing the food on their plates. Should you wish, we are more than happy to share with you every step taken in assembling your box.

Please contact us any time for more information or advice, or get in touch via

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